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Blepharoplasty - Guide to care for lids and eyes after surgery

Although Blepharoplasty is a relatively straightforward procedure for a skilled and experienced surgeon, the patient also needs to cooperate in order to ensure a successful outcome.  The following instructions must be taken very seriously, they will help you to recover from surgery without incident.

  1. After surgery, you will notice tiny white steristrips covering the individual sutures on your eyelid.  These steristrips will come off when they are ready to do so.  Dont pull them off prematurely and dont fiddle with them.
  2. Clean the suture line (i.e the wound line) with boiled or sterile water using sterile gauze swabs (available from a pharmacy, please stock up on these before you have surgery). THE SUTURE LINE MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO BECOME CRUSTY. 
  3. Apply the ointment, as prescribed by Dr Khan, to the suture line after cleaning the area.
  4. If you have had surgery to the lower lid then please avoid pulling at the area whilst instilling your eye drops.
  5. Eye drops can be applied to the inner corner of the eye without pulling the lid.
  6. If you are worried about your lids or the wound site, please call Dr Khans rooms immediately.

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