Rizwana Khan Consultant Eye Surgeon

Hermitage Eye Clinic Dublin


Rizwana Khan, MBBS, FRCSI, MRCOphth, is a very highly qualified and respected eye surgeon who offers a comprehensive range of treatments for a variety of eye problems and conditions.  Many of her patients present with common complaints such as glaucoma and cataracts, but she also has the qualifications and experience to carry out complicated reconstructive surgery to the eyelid and socket area. Ms Khan has a special training in the area of Orbit and Oculoplastic surgery.

Orbits and Oculoplastics is a specialised area of Ophthalmology that deals with plastic and reconstructive surgery. This includes the management of eyelid disorders, lacrimal (tear) system dysfunctions, disorders of the orbit or the eyesocket area (such as tumours, fractures and infections), abnormalities of the eyebrows, socket and adjacent face.

Orbital and Oculoplastic surgeons are Ophthalmologists who have completed additional training in plastic surgery relating to the eye and its surrounding structures.




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