Rizwana Khan


Ms Rizwana Khan MBBS, FRCSI, MRCOphth

Rizwana started her medical training in the University of Peshawar 30 years ago.  She graduated from there with First Class Honours and after further training in surgery, both in Peshawar and Lahore, she came to Ireland in 1997 to pursue advanced training in Ophthalmology. 

This training took place primarily in the prestigious Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital in Dublin, but she also worked in several of the major Dublin Training Hospitals such as St Vincent’s University Hospital, the Mater, Beaumont and Crumlin Children’s Hospital.  She also spent some time at Cork University Hospital.

After ten years of post-graduate training at the highest level, Rizwana completed her Fellowship in Orbital, Oculoplastic and Neurophthalmology in 2007.  She has contributed to a number of research publications and is involved in ongoing research into related eye conditions.

Oculoplastics is a specialised area of Ophthalmology that deals with plastic and reconstructive surgery. This includes the management of eyelid disorders, lacrimal (tear) system dysfunctions, disorders of the orbit (such as tumours, fractures and infections), abnormalities of the eyebrows and adjacent face.

Oculoplastic surgeons are Ophthalmologists who have completed additional training in plastic surgery relating to the eye and its surrounding structures

Ms Rizwana Khan conducts her private practice in The Hermitage Medical Clinic and also holds a public Consultancy in the Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital.

Ms Khan is a member of the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ESCRS) and a member of the American Academy of Opthalmologists.